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Why Are Nonprofit Wages Low?

Weigh in here.

Could it be one of these reasons or another?

💰 Those at the top earn disproportionately higher compensation.

💰 It’s what the surveys say.

💰 You were called to serve- not earn a fat paycheck.

💰 The benefits are great.

💰 Sorry, there was wasteful spending elsewhere.

💰 We bow to funder requirements.

💰 Our people who can’t find a better job elsewhere.

💰 There is a fine line between employee and client here.

💰 Other spending needs are more important.

💰 The organization needs to keep afloat.

💰 Ex-corporate bigwigs that want to serve can afford the cut.

💰 Our industry is low paying.

Great performance doesn’t matter.

💰 Nepotism does matter.

💰 There’s an abuse of power.

So what do you think?

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