Unleashing the Power of Your Meraki in the Multi-Generational Workplace

It’s not a mysterious process but can produce magical results.

Everyone likes to know where they fit in.

Don’t you?

In a multi-generational workplace, discovering that unique spot can be byzantine. There are plenty of options to explore. All while the sands are running out quickly from the hourglass of our lives.

So, should you squeeze yourself into the box your employer has ready for you or jump the track?

“There is a word in the Greek language for which there is no English equivalent. It is ‘meraki’ and it means ‘doing something with soul, creativity or love — when you put something of yourself into what you are doing’. ”
Heather Hill

It’s time to unleash the power of your meraki.

Last year, I was checking into an Airbnb. As I entered, sitting on a stand was a small book that raised my curiosity. I stopped to pick it up and read the cover.

The book was titled Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World.

Over the next few days, I took in these new words. But there was one that stood out to me. Somehow- to me anyway-it didn’t really seem to belong with the other words. It had a different tone that resonated with me. It stood out rather than fitting in.

Meraki (may-rah-kee)

There’s a part of you that’s left in everyone you encounter and all you create. Nobody can replicate this unmatched extension of yourself. Your work of art is reflected when people stand back to appreciate it.

But there’s something to watch out for.

To unleash the power of your meraki, you will need to brush off stereotypes. Multi-generational workplaces are contaminated with these. Stereotypes attack the soul of the incomparable individual.

Stereotypes are presented in a neatly wrapped box with free one day shipping. They can be served up by owners, managers, co-workers and even customers.

Stereotypes are the tool of choice for narrow-minded persons. Yet they kill collaboration while suppressing individual and company growth. Nevertheless, organizations can put an astounding amount of time and effort into managing stereotypes.

Yes, you may be stereotyped. But also be careful not to stereotype others.

The next time you are relaxing on a park bench, walking your dog or sharing a seat on the bus to work, strike up a conversation with a stranger. Everyone has a story to tell and theirs may surprise you.

Did you put a stereotype to rest?

We need to repack our bags.

Throw out the stereotypes. Imagine and create more.

Dig deep to unearth meraki.

  1. Within yourself.
  2. In others.

Building a dynamic, open-minded and comfortable multi-generational workplace requires a shift in focus. Improved collaboration, productivity and profitability are part of the harvest but do not represent the tilling of the soil.

Shared purpose requires discovery. When employees are given the time and space to uncover their true gifts, an opportunity is provided to develop a greater understanding of themselves. It is only then that they can use their meraki to make the greatest contributions to the organization- and society.

If employees leave an employer less curious-less interested-less passionate than when they started, can the company grow?

“Put part of yourself, into whatever it is you’re doing. Work hard and love what you’re doing in your life and try leaving your mark on the world. Strive to live your life with a little meraki.” — Katerina Haros

Get unstuck.

If people at odds in a multi-generational workplace were aware of their own and each others hidden talents, work would be more fulfilling and impactful.

Core process is a powerful tool to find the unique positive center of an individual. My first exposure to this was through an international consultant who helped me identify my own core process. I have subsequently used this tool to help others discover theirs.

When core process is performed within larger groups, an expanded boundary of knowledge is revealed. This enables the ability to find meraki-like intersections of strengths. At these junctions, opportunities for individual and company growth can be identified.

One of many things I like about core process is that it is genuine. The mutual understanding that results for all generations of workers creates a firm foundation upon which to create momentum. There are no assumptions made. This promotes acceptance and builds trust.

Follow your moral compass.

The power of your meraki arouses an unforgettable authenticity. It is inspiring to others too. It can help people work together toward a shared purpose.

You were born as an artist and given a blank canvas.

Now what will you paint?

I help nonprofits break boundaries to create uncommon outcomes. | markctiti.com

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