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Here’s the best shots to protect your future.

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As needs continue to climb, many nonprofits have become more fragile- or even failed.

Still the hungry must be fed.
The homeless must have shelter.
The oppressed must experience justice.
The forgotten must be given attention.
The weak must be lifted up.
The persecuted must experience righteousness.

Has your nonprofit created a sense of urgency about its mission? Or is it taking this responsibility lightly? And is it appreciating the meaning of the moment all the while keeping a close eye on its moral compass?

Any of these sound familiar to you?

“We don’t have enough money for that.”

There’s no question more money can be advantageous if it’s funneled into the right directions. But the impoverished identity can also serve as an excuse.

“There’s not enough time.”

Now we have given…

4 volunteer personalities your nonprofit needs now

Volunteers are as important to nonprofits as technology is to a millennial.

And we all know how important that is. So how do you go about attracting
and retaining volunteers?

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Shock therapy is needed to jump-start charities in peril before it’s too late.

Let’s dance the fandango with funders!

If we do as they ask, they will provide us with lots of $$$.

What a dysfunctional relationship.
Is your nonprofit looking for a trusted partner or another sugar daddy?

Nothing could be more dangerous to your mission than chasing money. Because that’s when organizations let their identity get twisted and take their eye off of what they really stand for. It’s also when delivering on the promise of the mission gets overshadowed by other priorities.

Yet that’s what many charitable organizations do. In fact, raising money…

Is charity all it’s cut out to be?

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I had just finished a summer internship with a local nonprofit hospital. Looking back, the place was great and so were the people. Needless to say, I learned much more from them than they got from my inexperienced self in those three months. In fact, I learned more about finance, planning, accountability, integrity and working together than maybe anywhere I have been since.

Plenty of calculations and an audit later they offered me a chance to stay on board. But no, I had my sights set “higher” and politely declined. The investing…

Stop competing for resources and start attracting them instead.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

To be sustainable means growing resources- not depleting or permanently damaging them. So how does a nonprofit assure it’s around for the long haul?

❶ Bring people together.

Think of your greatest resource-your people-as water. Water can sustain us but is toxic when stagnant.

Bringing people together to move toward a shared purpose is a powerful process. It is more important to sustainability than raising funds. Money is part of the harvest-not the tilling of soil or planting of seeds. Attracting, appreciating and growing human capital is the true foundation of sustainability.

❷ Map momentum for all to see.

Your nonprofit is moving closer to or further away from its vision…

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