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Thoughts on taking control of information overload

About 75% of our brain is made up of water. So why don’t we filter it?

We shouldn’t seek to control how much or how fast information flows into our mind. But we do want to rapidly absorb what we need and reroute the rest.

Subconsciously we experience an awful lot. The human body sends 11 million bits per second to the brain for processing, yet…

Here’s the best shots to protect your future.

As needs continue to climb, many nonprofits have become more fragile- or even failed.

Still the hungry must be fed.
The homeless must have shelter.
The oppressed must experience justice.
The forgotten must be given attention.
The weak must be lifted up.
The persecuted must experience righteousness.

Has your nonprofit created a sense of urgency about its mission? Or is it taking this responsibility…

Mark C. Titi

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